Gran Fondo


Event Details

Saturday 27th January 2018

Race starts 1:15PM from The Square, Palmerston North

70km  |  $55pp


The Gravel and Tar Gran Fondo is a sportive ride which provides the opportunity for Junior, Masters, and Sport riders to experience part of the course on which the elite riders will take in the UCI ‘Classic’ race.  Although only 70 km, it takes in the 2 km Valley Rd climb, then the two longest gravel sectors of the event, so it will provide a challenge for even the fittest of riders.  


Normal road bicycles are fine to use in this event.  However, participants are advised to use 25 mm or 28 mm tyres on their road bicycles with at least 90 psi.  This combination will provide good control and puncture resistance on the gravel sectors.  Cyclo-cross bikes are also a good option, but are generally not as fast on the bitumen surfaces experienced in the early part of the event.  Nevertheless, each participant should carry a spare tube and means of inflation just in case!  


It is advisable to do some practice on gravel road prior to the event so that the riders feel comfortable on a gravel surface.  


You can enter the Gran Fondo by clicking on the ‘Enter now’ tab on this page.  The cost is $55, but a late entry fee kicks in if you enter after January 20th.  You do not need a cycling license to enter the Gran Fondo, as it is not an official race.  This means that there are no individual following cars allowed, although there will be a ‘sag-wagon’ for those who are having difficulty completion the event.  


The event begins at 1:15 pm on the 27th of Jan 2018 from The Square in Palmerston North.  Registration (pick up of race bag and timing chip) will be from George St in Palmerston North between 7 am and 11 am in the morning of the 27th.  Late entries will be taken until 9 am.  


Spot prizes will be awarded after the event, at the event stage in George St, from 5:30 pm.  Only participants present will receive prizes if their names are called.  


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Gran Fondo

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Prize schedule

mens (over 19)

First Place: $250 Bike Barn Voucher

Second Place: $150 Bike Barn Voucher

Third Place: $100 Bike Barn Voucher


Womens (over 19)

First Place: $250 AvantiPlus Voucher

Second Place: $150 AvantiPlus Voucher

Third Place: $100 AvantiPlus Voucher


boys (under 19)

First Place: $250 Central Bicycle Studio Voucher

Second Place: $150 Central Bicycle Studio Voucher

Third Place: $100 Central Bicycle Studio Voucher


girls (under 19)

First Place: $250 Crank It Cycles Voucher

Second Place: $150 Crank It Cycles Voucher

Third Place: $100 Crank It Cycles Voucher

Gran Fondo Map