Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Slicks and Stones 100KM event is for the hard-core sport and weekend rider who wants to experience the same arduous route as the professional riders.

By no means is the Slicks and Stones less strenuous, it’s just a little shorter than the Gravel and Tar Classic and La Femme UCI races. It provides the opportunity for junior, masters, and “weekend warrior” riders to ride the undulating roads and gravel sectors that the elite riders will race on. At the same time they can experience the beautiful Manawatu countryside and take on a unique cycling challenge. The course map can be found here.

The cost of entry is $70 up until the 30th Nov, after which it increases to $75. Entries after 12th Jan incur a late entry fee of $5 (total $80). To enter, just click on the Enter Now link below.

With the Arapuki mountain bike Classic on the following day (20th Jan), it’s an ideal opportunity to make it a cycling weekend in the Manawatu! Those wanting to enter both the Slicks and Stones and Arapuki Challenge can get a discounted entry fee when entering for both.

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