Gravel and Tar Communique 2.

In the men’s ‘Classic’ race, there are 13 teams entered, and with 20 odd cars in the convoy on those narrow gravel roads it will be almost impossible to service riders quickly. The La Femme has lesser riders, but services will also be difficult in those area because it’s dangerous and difficult for a car to pass a rider. This is why we have 3 neutral spare vehicles. We suggest is that teams work together such that two teams share one car for the convoy and another car for the feeds and support from the side of the road. This can be organised at the race dinner on Friday evening (starts at 7 pm at Hotel Coachman), or even earlier. Please contact Steve if you wish to discuss.

Further to this, there will be ONLY neutral service on gravel sectors 3 to 5 because of the tight and narrow nature of the roads. Obviously, you will have to supply enough spares to Neutral Spares before the start of the race. We suggest four sets of wheels for each team as a minimum. Nevertheless, I do suggest that, if rider are using clinchers and they don’t expect to be in the front half of the race, they take a spare tube and a means of inflation.

Some of you are arriving in Palmerston North early to do a course recon. If your riders are doing this, please THEY CANNOT GO THROUGH THE HIGGINS/FLETCHERS GRAVEL PIT. This is private land and is only open on the day of the race.

Lastly, there are a few teams for which I still don’t have the UCI code and date of birth for their riders. Please send me that information ASAP or you will be jeopardising your team starting the race.


Gravel and Tar Communique 1.

Thanks to those who have returned the Terms of Engagement. Please can I have the rest of those ASAP. Please return in xls format so we can cut and paste for the commissaires when they arrive.

The races will start in Feilding this year at 9:30 am for the women’s La Femme, and 10:30 am for the men’s Classic. So riders will have to get from their accommodation in Palmerston North to Feilding. It’s approx. 20 km of flat riding, so I suggest most teams will let their riders gently pedal out there to warm up. Let me know if that is an issue for you. There should be plenty of room to park at the start in Feilding Town Square, as we are closing half of the middle of town off for the event. There will be cafes shops etc open to buy food and groceries.

Regarding accommodation in Palmerston North, we covering two nights B&B, the 18th and the 19th, for international teams at our official race accommodation provider, Hotel Coachman. NZ National teams are covered for one night on the 18th, and the Oceania Women’s team will stay from the 16th to the 20th. NZ Trade Teams will need to sort out there own accommodation, and we encourage them to contact Hotel Coachman. +64-6-356-5065

Further accommodation, either before or after those dates, will need to be organised by the teams directly with the hotel. I am sorting a bus out for getting riders to Cambridge for the NZ Cycle Class on the 21st, so if teams want that option, they will need to organise at least one more night at the Hotel. Accommodation in Palmerston North before the 18th I am organising for free at PN Boys High School like last year. If you require that, please let me know ASAP.