congratulations to all the participants of the gravel and tar 2018 event series

See below the race timings for the classic uci race

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Gravel and Tar Race Timings UCI 2018

the gravel and tar events

The Gravel and Tar Events will be on Saturday, January 27th 2018, following the New Zealand Cycle Classic a week earlier in Wairarapa.  

The headline event, the Gravel and Tar Classic will attract professional riders and teams from all over the world who have travelled to Australia and New Zealand seeking UCI points early in the season.  It's expected New Zealand's best trade teams will participate again, but they will be hard pressed against the Australian and Asian-based continental and pro-continental teams.

Alongside the Gravel and Tar Classic, a Gran Fondo (sportive) will be held over 70 km. This is to give local riders of all ages, levels and genders the opportunity to ride on part of the course the elite men will be taking. There is also a 30km fun ride called the River Path Challenge for the recreational rider, which is flat with a few easy gravel sectors.


Follow through to this link to view the live update on teams/individual timings for the Classic UCI, Gran Fondo and Riverpath Challenge.

  Classic 135km   1.2 UCI Accredited Race

Classic 135km

1.2 UCI Accredited Race

  Gran Fondo 70km

Gran Fondo 70km

  riverpath challenge 30km

riverpath challenge 30km